Winfield Murdock’s (aka George Pereira) Complaint to Orange County is a fabricated distraction from the theft of our dozens of beloved show birds along with the entirety of our household as domestic partners for over ten years.

I am so financially bankrupted from years of providing and provisioning for homes for our 100 plus show animals and a persistently penniless, unemployed and often sick “Winfield” that I have no financial ability to defend my rights against a removal paid for by his new Orlndo buddy, Roger Agness.

After years of “Winfield’s” recurring cycles of neglect of our animals and needless tragedies our precious parrots are now warehoused like old equipment forever bored or dying in their cages without sunshine or daily enrichment.

“Witnesses” with no first-hand knowledge have compiled an evidence free encyclopedia of gossip and guesswork about abuse, kidnapping, starvation, medical neglect, stalking and financial exploitation that occurred only in the pages of their Complaint and also contradict reams of documented facts.

There is not one 911 rescue call between us two in our ten years together except the two made by me, one to save “Winfield” from one of his frightening self-destruction tantrums, and another time to save his life when I found him dying from sunstroke in the scalding sun of our Las Vegas backyard.

”Winfield’s” caretakers from when he was released from St Rose Hospital, Hayworth, Ca., before I arrived from Atlanta, accuse me of causing pre-existing emotional and health issues. As well, I am blamed for his shoulder injury from his using a Miami hotel gym during one of his many “road trips” with Roger Agness when I would be abandoned with our animals hundreds of miles away.

Equally opportunistic, “witnesses” such as Linda Bolf and Alex Edmonds, falsely portray “Winfield’s” years of weight loss from his untreated thrush as the result of my somehow cruelly starving him while I “ate in restaurants”.

The straight fact is that, not unlike my life with “Winfield” in Las Vegas or Orlando, at 60 years old I was hitching 25 miles daily into Branson at 5 a.m., jogging between two waiter jobs, then often walking back the full 25 miles after mid-night to keep our animals and my destitute partner fed and protected and warm.

In 2002, instead of interviewing in San Diego anticipating my California retirement from a successful animal facilities design career, I moved in with my new partner, “Winfield” hopeful of a kind and giving relationship.

Within less than four months my entire savings, credit, tax returns, house sale money and benefits were completely gone trying to pay for “Winfield’s” 60 acre rental and his “business” plans, including thousands for the purchase of animals, as I was left no alternative but to hope forward.

Not nearly the end, I made an epic 3500 miles trek back across North America with “Winfield” over our ten years with our 100 plus animals and several trailers full of our show equipment in seven nightmare evictions as he encouraged others out of their labor and property solely to enable his show business ambitions and what I felt to be “OUR” dream of success.

Tragically, my life with “Winfield” detoured into dire poverty, payday loans, veterinary crises, banking fines, utility disconnects, labor board fines, harassing creditors, arrests, vehicle repossessions, police surveillance, court judgements, subpoenas, bench warrants, misdemeanors, felony charges, and even public wanted posters, as well as “Winfield’s” intimidating tantrums and petty assaults.

While the Complaint claims that I stalked “Winfield” to Florida, he and I planned to escape yet another pending eviction with our animals, this time from Missouri. And, once again I was the beleaguered partner, working to pay bills, sending him what money I could and caring for our animals while he tried to find our new home hundreds of miles away and cruised craigslist personal ads.

After nearly two months “Winfield” returned from Florida destitute after spending his windfall from a failed costuming project. It was I, and I alone, who pulled double shifts and raised the absolutely critical, $2,700 to get and our menagerie out from eviction and safely the 1,100 miles to Orlando.

60 days later I raised another $1,200 to return alone to Missouri solely to rescue “Winfield’s” costuming equipment from storage default which he supposedly had taken over after I had paid the fee for years.

The walks to and from work in Missouri or the Mojave desert heat were not traumatic enough, but in Orlando I had to walk the 12 miles from the downtown to UCF every mid-night while 1600 miles away in Maine my sister lay in a seven week coma and “Winfield” lay in one of his mysterious illness bouts on the sofa at home.

I could not go to my sister’s funeral and was too humiliated to have spoken with her for the prior two years because I owed her for saving our parrots from a frigid Missouri winter and one of our $1,500 electrical disconnects.

“Winfield’s” sister tries to portray me as reckless with money because I insisted that from his windfall inheritance that he repay my friends for their concerned eviction stopping loans since it was “Winfield’s” constant unemployment and inability to pay simple living expenses for years that necessitated their help.

Insisting that we stay at hotels when “Winfield” asked her to help us move from Las Vegas to Missouri, she attempts to further her libel by accusing me of owing her money which until now she never once requestedd for helping us move the animals and property that her brother would eventually walk off with.

Alex Edmons rather then recognize my obvious trauma and sacrifice of having to fill dozens of 5 gallon water cans for our animals at her well as I tried to get to my crucial job on time, our only income, she insists that I’m “dangerous” because of my quiet focus.

Alex mentions “Winfield’s” effort to frantically save our minature horse with colic, to avoid mentioning that as she and “Winfield’s” kibitzed over their nightly dinners while I off working to our earn our escape money out of Missouri, our wolves food and water sat outside our front door as the wolve’s starved in their cages from his neglect.

I, alone, repeatedly, with a stellar resume and two degrees, was willing to humiliate himself with “quick pay” jobs washing toilets or working crappy waiter jobs, in addition to, securing foods stamps, waiting hours in food banks lines, searching for recyclable metal, raiding orange groves, or even stealing food from local markets.

As the sole mortgage holder I sold our California home of 19 months literally just hours before foreclosure and from there we moved on to Las Vegas, then to Branson then Orlando chasing “Winfield’s” ambition of stardom.

Alone with our animals for weeks and sometimes months whether Nevada or the wilderness of the Ozarks, with no friends, estranged from family, no kindness in my life, what so ever, our wonderful joyful animals got me through inconsolable depression, profound alienation and dire despair. .I am compelled to return that gift as much now as ever.

After all my relentless torment and work, even for animal purchases directly from my paychecks, sometimes in the thousands of dollars, on ownership papers for every single animal, on their Missouri vet exams, and on their required critical Florida entry permits my name was intentionally left off.

“Winfield” left me alone with our animals and my struggle sometimes for weeks as he traveled to be with Roger, yet they simply took our parrot flock as collateral for their own business while reducing my life to a box of diplomas and photos hurriedly left on the doorstep.

In contrast to their claims of my medical neglect of “Winfield”, records clearly show, even with little to spare I would pay for his meds, clinics and transports, spending and doing whatever possible to keep my partner healthy.

Besides taking my rare days off from work to maintenance our own animals, I’d also clean a Missouri’s neighbor’s kennels in exchange for use of her car to get “Winfield” to clinics or get his meds.

Further, I paid for his emotional counseling in Missouri after his Las Vegas friend, Ted Saluto, who had moved to Missouri left him to return to Las Vegas with his partner.

While “Witnesses” fantastically claim that I imprisoned “Winfield” on our Missouri farm it was I, not “Winfield” who was stuck there alone time and again with our dozens of animals for weeks, even months at a time.

It is documented fact with the State of Missouri that I saved “Winfield” from a mandatory ten year real imprisonment. I did so by raising $1,800 for bail and fees because he callously wrote bad checks to house his “friend” “Ted Saluto” in a Branson resort condo while I was alone on that farm in singular distress.

It is my fault for tolerating my own injuries but I cannot adequately express my intense fear for the safety of our show birds, plucking and stressing themselves to death


On April 14 “Winfield” agreed to discuss the plight of our flock, but after the public meeting that they arranged, despite promises, “Winfield” and Roger secretly filed this Complaint.

I ask only that this Restraining Order be dismissed as a frivolous Complaint and that "Winfield" be compelled to mediate a return of my property rights to our beleaguered animals as I have offered time and again to provide their proper care, feeding, housing and essential daily inter-actions.